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 coaching packages

Tired of the ongoing chaos in your home and brain?

Looking to make a difference in the world but feel stuck?

One on One coaching packages with the following focuses:

  • What do I want to be when I grow up – round two?
  • So you want to be an Ally (individual and group)
  • Overcoming Childhood Trauma (how your past can hold you back)

Kristen has a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and  is an accredited Transformational Life coach and a certified Mental Health Coach: First Responder.

She is also working toward a Masters in Theology and Social Justice

kiongozi consulting
 for schools, non-profits & churches

Kiongozi Consulting LLC

Yes, it is hard to pronounce, but, Kiongozi is an important word which means “Leader” in Swahili. Leadership is core to what we do here.

Kiongozi Consulting was founded with a desire to support schools, non-profits, churches or individuals looking for growth. Our speciality is in trauma-informed care, utilizing ACEs research and resilience to create space for learning. We want to bring you/your staff to the next level of leadership, create awareness of how trauma effects your clientele and how your team can learn how not to re-traumatize those who need our services most.


Let’s create a plan that works with the goal of helping you lead by better serving your clients and communities. Specializing in social service organizations we are about creating a relationship with you in order to determine what works best. 

speaking opportunities

Do you have a retreat or conference coming up, a webinar, small group meeting or podcast?

Are you looking for a speaker or workshop leader for a group meeting,  an event, a webinar, or a podcast?

Kristen uses her personal story as a single fost/adopt parent to inspire and encourage her audience.  With a little humor and a lot of grace, Kristen shares her story through the lens of her personal experiences in talking about childhood trauma using the intersection of faith, grace, and race as a single parent. 

She is also available to speak about her personal faith journey with race and social justice.

Contact her directly at or 415.720.0755 or use the form below for more information and scheduling availability.

    Guest Podcasts Appearances

    Trauma-Informed Care: Being the Cover for Those Who are Hurting with Kristen Brock

    Listen Here for a podcast with the amazing Kari Bartkus

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