The journey

This journey is like no other. Everything is foreign. It is scary to not know where I am, but I also get to live the wonder of new experiences. It is a journey in which I can’t go home. My former life does not exist – only my new future. There are moments of exhaustion (J not wanting to sleep until 11:30 last night) and amazement (discovering tide pools and the marvel of God’s creation).

My mom shared this video with me. ReMoved. No surprise, I cried my way through it. Life from the perspective of the kid. I love the sub-title “if you think foster parenting is hard, try being a foster kid”. Kind of puts things into perspective. I have no idea what this boy has been through and I may never know. All I know is that the journey is permanent; through storms and sunrises, and that God has called me in a way I can’t explain, to love this child. This journey is like no other.

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