Racial Reconciliation

Do justice. love mercy. walk humbly. micah 6:8

What’s a white girl doing talking about racial reconciliation?

At times, I wondered if it was my place, but as time passed, I realized that it was my calling from God. I’ve been learning, reading, listening, and praying, and the more I do these things, the more I feel called to take action.  I am grateful for my sisters of color who have been on this journey with me, patiently teaching and encouraging me.  It’s time for all of us to take responsibility for repentance, healing and repair, especially in our churches and country.  We can all start by taking individual steps toward positive change.  If you are curious about the church’s role in social justice and race, I invite you to join me in learning together.

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Empowering women to recognize the vital importance of social justice within the community of believers. Through this awareness, we can acknowledge and make amends with our sisters of color, and fully embrace the mission of Jesus.

What is Social Justice?

justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.
But what does the body of believers have to do with this?

I believe that the church is a sacred space for healing, a refuge that upholds the oppressed and the vulnerable, and is sacred space holding an unwavering foundation for justice. I envision a community of believers who wholeheartedly recognize the harm inflicted upon our brothers and sisters of color and strive to create a space that promotes healing instead of re-traumatization. I long for a congregation that actively advocates for justice that aligns with the Gospel, one that empathizes with the multifaceted pain and diverse experiences of those who worship with us.

Changing systems when it comes to racial healing starts with each one of us individually

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