Racial Reconciliation

Do justice. love mercy. walk humbly. micah 6:8

What’s a white girl doing talking about racial reconciliation? Sometimes I ask myself the same question.  But over time God has called me.  Yes, to talk about it but also to read and listen and learn and pray. And the more I do those last things the more I realize that I have to act on what I am learning. I thank my sisters of color who have walked this journey with me, have been patient with me and have encouraged me to follow God’s calling to a place that I never anticipated. It is time for repentance, healing and repair, in our country and especially in our churches. And this starts with each one of us individually.

If you find yourself questioning the role of the church in social justice and race – here is your place to learn together. 

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Helping women understand how social justice is an imperative of the body of believers so we can repent and reconcile with our sisters of color and be about the work of Jesus.

What is Social Justice?

justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.
But what does the body of believers have to do with this?

I believe the church should be a place for healing, a place that stands for the oppressed and vulnerable, and should be the bedrock of justice. I envision a body of believers who understand how deeply we are hurting our brothers and sisters of color and who do not re-traumatize them. A body who fights for gospel-saturated justice, who understands the depth of pain and breadth of experiences of people who surround us in our churches.

Changing systems when it comes to racial healing starts with each one of us individually

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