about me

Welcome!. I love “about” sections. I love to see if I have anything in common or connect with someone’s message. This is my life with all its flaws and vulnerabilities. I am a solo mom who added to my family by adopting through the foster system.  I have a 24 year old son from my previous marriage, a U of O graduate with meaningful, grownup work in San Diego and my two adopted young kings, biological brothers, who are 17 and 1 (11th and freshman at UCSan Diego).  Living in Northern California (which includes being a die-hard 49ers, Giants and Warriors fan) and working full-time from home as a non-profit executive, I felt the call to establish a voice around trauma, race, adoption, and parenting — all grounded in my faith. This led to me to establishing a consulting business working with non-profits focused on childhood trauma and understanding its repercussions in order to not re-traumatize people.(see this at www.kiongoziconsulting.com  or under the “understanding childhood trauma” block on my homepage). And then…. a deeper calling around race, particularly the relationship that the white church has with social justice.

Through this journey, I have made and will undoubtedly continue to make mistakes. I will say things that are misunderstood and often wrong, as I continue to understand my privilege and how it colors my place, perspective, and voice in this world. This is a place for repentance and grace, reconciliation and forgiveness, sharing stories, and entering into collective lament- a place for always pointing to Jesus. In the end, I know above all that it is only through God’s strength and undeserved, boundless grace that I can do any of this.  I hope you find a place for vulnerability, honesty, and some tough love as we grow together


My “why” 

The educational deets:

Wheaton College: Wheaton, IL B.S. Physical Education/teaching 

San Diego State University: San Diego, CA Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling

Northeastern University: Rochester, NY (online) Masters in Theology and Social Justice (started January 2022)

Other relevant training:

ACEs Overcomer Facilitator

Ethnicity, Justice and People of God training (Esau McCauley/N.T. Wright)

Implicit Bias Trainer (Religion & Race, United Methodist Church)

Leading and Coaching Others course

Mental Health Coach First Responder (Light University)

Transformational Life Coach (accredited)

Trauma Knowledge Masterclass

What Lies Between Us – steps in Racial Healing (Brownicity)

And if you are still here the pet round up and constant animal supervision includes:

Scamp – 8 year old  brindle pup (an addition when son #2 moved in)

Bandit – 2 year old husky, lab pup (the “no, we are not getting another dog” addition to the family)

Charmander and Brock: resident hunters, meowers, and twin orange tabbies (another “no we are not getting cats until I saw one too many mice/rats in the garage)