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I love “about” sections. I love to see if I have anything in common or in connection with someone’s message. This is my life, with all its flaws and vulnerabilities. 

I am a solo mom who added to my family by adopting through the foster system.  I have a 25 year old son from my previous marriage, a U of O graduate with meaningful, grownup work in San Diego and my two adopted young kings, biological brothers, who are 19 and 18 (12th and sophomore at UCSan Diego). 

Living in Northern California (which includes being a die-hard 49ers, Giants and Warriors fan) and working full-time from home as a non-profit executive, I felt the call to establish a voice around trauma, race, adoption, and parenting — all grounded in my faith. 

My three boys on Christmas 2023

This led to me to establishing a consulting business working with non-profits focused on childhood trauma and understanding its repercussions in order to not re-traumatize people.(see this at  or under the “understanding childhood trauma” block on my homepage). And then…. a deeper calling around race, particularly the relationship that the white church has with social justice.

the educational deets


  • Wheaton College — Wheaton, IL B.S. Physical Education/teaching
  • San Diego State University —San Diego, CA Masters in Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Northeastern University — Rochester, NY (online) Masters in Theology and Social Justice (started January 2022)
Boys and dogs 2023

Other Relevant Training

  • ACEs Overcomer Facilitator
  • Ethnicity, Justice and People of God training (Esau McCauley/N.T. Wright)
  • Implicit Bias Trainer (Religion & Race, United Methodist Church)
  • Leading and Coaching Others course
  • Mental Health Coach First Responder (Light University)
  • Transformational Life Coach (accredited)
  • Trauma Knowledge Masterclass
  • What Lies Between Us – steps in Racial Healing (Brownicity)

And if you are still here,
enjoy the pet round-up and constant animal supervision which include:

  • Scamp — 9 year old  brindle pup (an addition when son #2 moved in)
  • Bandit — 3 year old husky, lab pup (the “no, we are not getting another dog” addition to the family)
  • Charmander and Brock — resident hunters, chronic meowers, and twin orange tabbies (another “no we are not getting cats” until I saw one too many mice/rats in the garage)

our values

Here is what you can expect in every interaction. 

If your experience is anything different, feel free to call me out.


We believe in showing up as your true self, no need for pretenders


We believe that stepping out of your comfort zone is the way to move forward


We believe that we all have more to learn


We believe there is room at the table for everyone. Come as you are. You will be loved.


We believe it is only through relationship can we learn to understand one another’s story


We believe that our past does not need to define us and that healing is possible


We believe Jesus is the truth

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